About United Scientific Council

The SB RAS United Scientific Councils on different scientific trends are included into the structure of the Establishment of the Russian  Academy of Sciences, the Siberian Branch RAS (the Branch). They consolidate the research institutions belonging to the Branch with respect to the areas and issues in which they conduct their activities.

The Councils comprise the full members (academicians) and the corresponding members included into the Branch, the same as the chairmen of research institution scientific councils belonging to the Branch, with respect to the appropriate trend of research activities. Also, the Scientific Councils include into a Council’s staff the other leading scientists and experts in relevant areas of science.

The Chairman appointed by the General Meeting of the Branch is authorized to head the Council.

The main purposes of the Council are as follows:

- analyzing the research results and tendencies of development of  native and world science with regard to the Council’s scientific trends;
- defining the prospective trends for both fundamental and application researches and making recommendations to the Presidium of the Branch;
- preparing proposals for participation in competitions of the state, republic and international programs;
- carrying out the competition projects for SB RAS fundamental researches with respect to the appropriate trend of research activities in frames of the RAS Fundamental Research  Program on the Priority Trends of Science and Engineering;
- analyzing and coordinating the research and the concerned with organization of science activities of the research institutions belonging to the Branch;
- analyzing the results of implementation of the research and engineering developments in the interests of further social and economic development of Russia;
- preparing proposals for the improvement of innovative activity mechanism, for protection of intellectual property rights;
- discussing over and preparing recommendations on matters involving the personnel affairs and those concerned with organization of science.

The United Scientific Council on Nano- and Information Technologies of SB RAS was established on June 11, 2008 with the purpose to ensure compliance of the structure of the SB RAS United Scientific Councils with the structure of the RAS Specialized Branches and to promote coordination of the breakthrough researches in informatics and nanotechnologies.